Set a Barcode Range for a Particular Vendor

  1. Go to 'library reports' and choose "barcode lists". Then select "unused barcode numbers". Enter the number of bar codes you need in the first box. In the second box, enter a low barcode number (you will want to choose the Code 39 mod 10, 14 characters total) if that is not the default. That setting is in circulation options. Choose "consecutive barcodes as a range" from the drop down box and run the report.
  2. When you have a list of an available range, go to "Back Office" and choose "Site Configuration". Then choose the "Site Administration" tab. Click the edit button for "Library Vendors". Add the vendor in the first box. Enter the starting barcode number from the available range in the second box.Enter the total number of available barcodes you are assigning to that vendor in the third box. Save it. That range of barcodes will then only be considered 'taken' and not assigned to other books. Let the vendor know what range they have been assigned for their records.