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Colquitt County High School Media Center

Our goal is to ensure that students graduate as competent and ethical users of information,
with strong intellectual curiosity and a life-long love of reading.

Media Specialist:
Cheryl Youse
  |  Parapro: Kathy Dunn
Symbaloos: More Resources than you can possibly use! But lots of good stuff here.

Note: Some of the databases below are only available on campus. Off campus, you will be asked for the current GALILEO password, which you can get at the media center, from the slideshow on the hallway panels, or from a teacher. This Symbaloo links to others for specific subjects.

2018 Edible Book Festival Winners

Most Pun-derful
1st Place: The Hole-y Bible / Alaina Tayler
2nd Place: War and Peeps / Jack Johnson
3rd Place: Star Wars: Breath Troopers / Leigh Hinson

Drop-Dead Gorgeous
1st Place:Entwined / Lili Martin-Rivera
2nd Place: The Fault in Our Stars / Haley Holweger

Classic or Banned Book
1st Place: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory / McKenzie Blair
2nd Place: Star Wars / Jocelyn Soto

3rd Place: The Hobbit / Abby Alvis

Children's Book
1st Place: The Farm Book / Will Rykard
2nd Place (Tie): Rainbow Fish / Payton Moore and Alice in Wonderland / Jenna Hayden


1st Place: The Soccer Book / Anna Simon and Ariana Martin
2nd Place: Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors / Mackenzie Yates
3rd Place: The Fart Book / Laurie Sextom

Ready Reference
Destiny Catalog
Check out all the resources on the home page of our Destiny Catalog. There are Symbaloo links to other resources for every subject.
For Students
Policies for Students
  • May come with a pass
  • Audio materials may be checked out for one week
  • Books may be checked out for two weeks
  • Two checkouts per student at one time
  • Fines will be assessed for late materials
  • Copies can be made at the cost of ten cents each
Policies for Teachers
  • If bringing an entire class, make reservations as soon as possible, at least 2 days in advance--first come, first served
  • If you'd like to collaborate on a lesson, contact Dr. Youse
  • Teachers will supervise their classes in the media center and see that they clean up after themselves
  • Books may be checked out for four weeks
  • Past issues of magazines may be checked out for 3 days
  • Audio materials may be checked out for one week
  • Equipment and other items are available for teacher checkouts--see policy list with info packet